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Who We Are

South Mecklenburg High School was established in 1959. The school has a rich history of academic excellence and leadership in Charlotte. Today, South Mecklenburg High has grown to become the largest high school in the state of North Carolina with approximately 3,000 students and 180 teachers preparing them for their future. We are a vibrant, multicultural campus that offers a comprehensive college preparatory course of study which includes a World Language Magnet Program, the IDEA Academy (Innovation, Design, Engineering and Art) and the Project Lead the Way curriculum in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. In addition, we have programs to ensure the success of students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds including our Communities in Schools partnership and the Occupational Course of Studies.  

The South Meck Foundation is a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization that supports students by providing grants to South Meck high school teachers for unique or supplemental programs, materials or experiences that enhance student learning and achievement. Grant applications must detail learning outcomes, and projects must be curriculum-based to qualify. South Mecklenburg High school offers a curriculum that offers a path to success for all students.

• Top 10 in NC public schools as ranked by US News*.
• Over 3,000 students, 60% identify as minority.
• More than 40% of students have access to subsidized meals at school. 


State budgets often fail to meet the needs of this large and diverse student body.
* US News & World Report 2018


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